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  • Internationally recognized for its depth, breadth and quality of business, leadership and technical accountancy knowledge.

  • A rigorous educational and practical experience program; comprising of education segments and integrated workplace learning.

Hold a Bachelor's degree


Be in his/her final year of a Bachelor's degree program at time of registration

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Established to promote excellence in accounting training in Malaysia, Sunway TES CAE is a multilevel collaborative initiative between Sunway TES CAE and its strategic partners which include professional accounting bodies, global and local professional accounting firms, public institutions of higher education and large corporations.

Ethics & Governance

Financial Reporting

Strategic Management Accounting

Global Strategy & Leadership

4 Compulsory Subjects

Elective 1

Elective 2

2 Electives 

(Students may select 2 from Malaysian Taxation, Audit and Assurance.)


Your Bachelor's Degree and Work Experience

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Sunway TES CPA Australia Program.

Complete within 12 months or choose a flexible 3 years part-time schedule.

Who is CPA Australia?

Sunway TES is your stepping stone to becoming tomorrow's business leaders.

Why undertake CPA program with Sunway TES?

57-72 hours of support per subject

support from subject matter experts

Registered tuition provider for CPA Australia in Malaysia

Strategic alliances with the 'Big 5' - Deloitte, KPMG, PWC, BDO & EY

Produced 6,087 professional graduates and 207 world prize winners since 1996

ACCA Platinum status award holder (for the past 15 years)

Your CPA Program Structure

CPA Program Structure

Entry Requirements

CPA candidates must 

3 years of relevant working experience*

To be qualified as CPAA member

About Sunway TES CAE

In 2013, Sunway TES CAE was selected by the Malaysian government for this first-of-its-kind public-private partnership with the specific focus on accountancy and financial programmes.  The centre offers internationally renowned professional accounting programmes with three key objectives:

1. Talent upgrade and development
2. Enhancing public and private partnerships
3. Human capital development


CPA Program, includes four compulsory subjects, two electives and an experience component that will give you skills to stand out in the real world. 

Weekday Classes

Ethics and Governance & Financial Reporting

Strategic Management Accounting & Malaysia Taxation

Advanced Audit and Assurance & Global Strategy and Leadership

Weekday Classes

Ethics and Governance and Malaysian Taxation (offering every intake) plus one other segment. 

We encourage part-time student to take 1 subject each semester.

Each intake only offers
FOUR Segments

July 2020 Intake is Now Open!

  • One of the world's largest accounting bodies with a global membership of more than 160,000 members (as at 31 December 2017) working in 125 countries around the world.

  • world-class provider of education, training, technical support and advocacy.

Study in a campus environment with passing rates of 71%-SURPASSING
the national figure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is there any exemption fees that I have to pay?

CPA Australia does not charge any exemption fees.

Q2. Am I eligible for Associate membership?  

To be eligible for Associate membership, applicants must successfully cover the required knowledge areas. The required knowledge areas can be obtained through CPA Australia foundation exams:
· Economics and Markets
· Foundations of Accounting
· Fundamentals of Business Law
· Business Finance
· Financial Accounting and Reporting
· Management Accounting

Q3. What is the requirement to get exemptions in foundation level?

Applicants may be granted exemptions from the foundation exams if they can demonstrate that they have completed studies of equivalent content and depth. These studies may be:
· Tertiary degree studies
· Professional qualifications

Q4. Can I get exemptions in CPA Program?

Applicants may be granted exemptions from the CPA Program subjects (other than Global Strategy and Leadership) if they can demonstrate that they have completed studies of equivalent contact and depth. These studies may be:
· Postgraduate tertiary degree studies
· Professional qualifications

Q5. Do I need to have work experience to become a CPA?

Yes. To become a CPA you need 36 months of relevant experience. You can complete your experience before, after, or concurrently with your CPA Program subjects. You will gain skills in four skill areas:
· Technical
· Personal effectiveness
· Business
· Leadership

Q6. Is there any fixed sequence of subject that I should enrol?

You can enrol in any available subject as your first enrolment, except for Global Strategy and Leadership.

Q7.How many subjects can I sit for exam in one exam sitting?

CPA candidates can only schedule maximum 3 subjects in each exam sitting.

Q8. How many exam sittings are there?

There are two exam sittings in each year, April and October exam.

Q9. How long do I take to complete the CPA Program? Is there any timeframe to complete the whole program?

CPA Australia allows their candidate to complete all 6 subjects with minimum One year duration or maximum Six years of duration.

Q10. Do I still need to have MIA membership after CPA membership?

Yes. CPA Australia is a scheduled body of MIA, meaning that CPA Australia members can gain direct entry into the MIA. This means once associate members have successfully completed the CPA Program, including the professional experience requirement component, they can gain direct entry into the MIA without further examinations or work experience.

Study in a campus environment with passing rates of
the national figure.